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Welcome to Institute of Work Study Management

Qualified Specialists for improving  Productivity, Performance  and consultancy The Institute is the professional and qualifying body for people in the manufacturing Industry.

Founded in 1989, it is one of the professional associations in the country dedicated to improving productivity. We are registered under the Tertiary Vocational education of Sri Lanka.

The main objective of the Institute is,

  • To create professional standards for the practice of work study ethics.
  • To provide a system of qualifying examinations to ensure recognition of those who aspire to

  • To ensure that those professional standards are maintained.
  • To encourage research and development in the industry.
  • To be a focal point of the practice and wider use of those disciplines.
  • To collaborate with other bodies in similar fields.  
  • V. Ensuring a maximum return on investment, in terms of:

standard and ethics of the Institute.
IMS Certificate Course Starting in January 2nd week 2010 Certified Work Study Course for School Leavers December 2009 Advanced Diploma in Resource Management 2year Starting in January 2010 UK Students intake for Universities and Colleges intake Commence in December 2009 for 2010 semister.
  • Manpower
  • Materials
  • Plant and machinery
  • Equipment
  • Land and buildings
  • Overhead costs
The Institute has members in all section of the economy. - Commerce, industry, the public services and hospitality industry. It welcomes applications from men and women in the various management disciplines. We hope to have a membership forum as we are having already over 2000 students all over the world serving in the various Industry on top jobs.
Today, our client list totals more than dozen companies, These range from small owner- managed firms to multi- national corporations and span the complete spectrum of business sectors.
Institute of Work Study Mnagement (2006)                      tel:  9411672523/0777572303            
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About IWSM

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